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Accurate information and a plan of action is KEY for homeowners either currently going through or facing potential foreclosure. The State of New Jersey and the Federal Government provide a variety of programs to assist homeowners. Information about these programs is FREE.

Foreclosure Fast Facts and List of New Jersey Housing Counseling Agencies

For an overview of available options and a list of New Jersey Housing Counseling Agencies, download our Foreclosure Fast Facts documents by clicking on the graphics below.
Download the Foreclosure Fast Facts Document in English   Descargue el documento Generalidades sobre Ejecuciones Hipotecarias en Espanol

For more detailed information, choose from the links below.

About Foreclosure - First Steps

Facing foreclosure? Here's all the necessary info you'll need to get started.

Federal and State Mortgage Modification Programs

Information about the State of New Jersey and Federal Government's various programs for homeowners facing foreclosure. Read the descriptions on this page to find out if you qualify.

NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance Consumer Alert: Information on Foreclosures and Subprime Lending

Home mortgage foreclosures have increased dramatically across the nation due to the ongoing disruption of the subprime mortgage lending market. Get more information about Subprime lending at this link, courtesy of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI).